“Every time I ask Dr. Van to help me with concerns about my movement, some discomfort, pain, or I need to be stretched, he delivers.  He is kind and a good listener and  explains things in ways that I understand. Best of all, I always feel better after a session. If you are looking for a one stop physical therapy practice with someone who will go the extra mile to help take care of you, then I would highly recommend Dr. Van and Titan.”

Renee Morgan

“I contacted Dr. Barrett after I injured myself doing barbell back squats. Over video conference, he was able to diagnose my injury (hip impingement) and quickly form an effective program for me to follow. Along my road to recovery, Dr. Barrett answered all of my questions and I could tell he genuinely cared. I owe a huge thanks to him for all the help he gave me now that I am back to 100%.”

Jake Schram

“I would like to take the time to share my thoughts of the care and guidance I received from Dr. Van Barrett, a physical therapist professional who lived in the Pittsburgh area at the time of incident but has since moved to the West Chester Area. 

After what I describe as an debilitating back issue that after a series of scans revealed a much more serious health condition, all preventing me from walking, I reached out to Dr. Van for a second opinion and for peace of mind, as I started my therapy treatments locally.  Between my local therapist and Dr. Van guidance I was confident that I had a comprehensive plan that would get me back to feeling myself again in a reasonable amount of time.  Dr. Van, in my opinion was a pleasure to work with, he asked me all of the right questions which included a visual examination. We discussed everything from my limitations, pain tolerance and an over view of the orthopedic surgeon’s observation and recommendations before he outlined my individual recovery plan.  I took the time to share Dr. Van’s plan with my local Therapist who merged the two plans together. 

Dr. Van’s recovery plan was challenging but contained safe and well thought out instruction specific to my needs which included the number of repetitions I would have to perform for each exercise I was instructed to perform.  Doctor Barrett always stressed the importance of perform the exercises within my tolerance for pain, which was consistent with how I worked out prior to all of my issues.

I’ve always been a very active person and my goal was to recover quickly and safely so not to experience any set backs which would prevent me from returning to all the activities that I love to do!  I can honestly say Doctor Barrett is a thoughtful, caring and easy person to speak with individual, during my recovery he would periodically call or text me to see how I was progressing.  

With Dr. Van’s guidance I was able to make a full recovery, with a renewed quality of life.  I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me!”

Brian Sewell